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Famous Bollywood actors News and Gossips - Why Farhan does not think Salman is a competition

September 8, 2016




If there is one actor in Bollywood, people from industry do not want to have a rivalry with, that is Salman Khan. Most of the people stay wary of saying stuff against the famous Khan. His larger than life stardom and loyal fans are a constant boost to Salman’s godfather status in industry. He has paved path for numerous newbie celebs and several have lost their all for standing against him. Whatever the scenario, Salman has always maintained his dominance in Bollywood.

Famous Bollywood actors News and Gossips is that  Salman Khan recently had entitled filmmaker, singer, writer and actor Farhan Khan his kid brother. This is not the first time that Salman has so openly forged a relationship with other actor. He has always been brotherly to other young actors and from time and again these youngsters have backed up Salman on all fronts.

Pointing at being called a kid brother, media raised questions to Farhan if he feels the awkward about his directorial ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ releasing on the same date as Salman’s production ‘Freaky Ali’.  Trying to explaining the matter Farhan said that he does not feel that there should be any difference from the fact that the two movies are appearing on screen on the same date. He said he genuinely believes that there is enough space in the industry for all kinds of movies. With such larger audience, every movie gets a fair chance of doing well. Quoting previous examples, he told that, several big banner movies have released on same day and still managed to do impressively well. Also there have been incidents when two big movies have failed to do business at the same time. The Famous Bollywood actor said that it is not the matter of one movie doing better than other, if audience likes the movies, both have an equal chance of doing exceptional business.

Talking about family equation of Salman and his family, Farhan said that there is no competition with Salman. He said that Salman and his brothers are just like an extended family to him. He also wishes that both the movies do great and he believes that is possible. Do you think it makes a difference if two big movies release on the same day? What is more important, good movie or the date it releases on? Share your opinion on ask and express opinion app Posticker.

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